ABHA is organising Durga Puja on Sunday 25 October 2020 at Granville Town Hall (10 Carlton St, Granville) following the NSW Government COVID-19 protocols. Please register following this link - http://abha.org.au/events/durga-puja-2/ so that we can allocate a timeslot to you.

We would like to invite you with your family and friends to join us in celebrating Durga Puja and offer your Pushpanjali to the divine Mother during the timeslot allocated to you. Here is where you can register for your timeslot - http://abha.org.au/events/durga-puja-2/.


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Executive committee Dr Samir Sarkar (President)  Pinaki

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The Australian Bengali Hindu Association (ABHA) is a non-party (political) and non-profit community organisation of the Hindus living in Australia and the supporters of Hindu culture and heritage. The Association believes in the principles of social cohesion, harmony and inclusiveness.

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