Executive committee

  • Dr Samir Sarkar (President) 
  • Pinaki Bhattacharjee (Vice – President)
  • Apu Saha (General Secretary)
  • Surajit Saha (Ast. General Secretary)
  • Pinaky Raha (Ast. General Secretary)
  • Ranajit Bhuiyan (Treasurer)
  • Liton Saha (Public Relations Secretary)
  • Shetu Gupta (Cultural Secretary)
  • Debabrata Saha (Debu) (Organising Secretary)
  • Souman Chowdhury (Hospitality)
  • Shaibal Chakraborty (Nayan)
  • Subroto Saha (Monti)
  • Sumon Roy
  • Saiket Roy
  • Ashoke Dutta
  • Subrata Paul
  • Mithun Saha
  • Tarak Das
  • Rajib Sarker


  • Rajesh Saha
  • Ranjit Das
  • Shantunu Kar
  • Amit Saha (Pulak)
  • Chandan Sen
  • Saimon Paul
  • Rajib Shaha
  • Rajib Roy Chowdhury
  • Biplob Karmaker
  • Subrata Kumar Saha
  • Subrata Modak
  • Probir Kumar Saha (Piku)
  • Sanjoy Chakraborty
  • Satadal Karmakar
  • Avishak Paul (Joy)
  • Ajit Ranjan Deb
  • Bishnu Pada Chakraborty
  • Shuvo Dey
  • Rajib Saha (Raju)

  • Sushanta Krishna Saha
  • Tuhin Naha
  • Achinta Saha
  • Sanjoy Datta
  • Rajib Kumar Datta
  • Pintu Dutta
  • Tusher Saha
  • Sanjoy Das
  • Bishal Paul
  • Dhananjoy Bhowmik
  • Jumur Saha
  • Milton Nath
  • Arny Saha
  • Diptungshu Mazumder
  • Shatarup Dhar Mim
  • Sudip Deb
  • Proshanta Podder
  • Sumon Saha
  • Sumon Kumar Sur
  • Ranjan Das

Message From our committee President

Australian Bengali Hindu Association (ABHA) is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website,
We hope you will find this website intuitive to navigate and find out more about who we are and our activities and objectives to achieve the vision of ABHA, which is: ‘to promote and uphold the values of Hindu culture in the Australian Multicultural Society’.
This website is a unique platform for sharing information, strengthening bonding with similar groups, and promoting harmony with other cultural and religious communities. It will also help to foster the fundamental values of social cohesion and inclusiveness, appreciation of our culture and values, ethics and integrity at all levels within the institutions and in the relation to all stakeholders in the wider community.
We hope ABHA would provide you with a space to engage with others and work towards the advancement of our community and to make positive contribution to the Australian multicultural Society.
Special thanks to the web team whose untiring efforts have made it a reality.
Your comments and suggestions for further improvements of our website are welcome.

With all the best wishes,

Dr Samir Sarkar